More Veg Resources

Whether you're looking for potluck dinners to join or ways to volunteer your time to help promote a more healthful and humane diet, the Seattle area has a diverse set of groups with which to get involved. See below for more.

Veg Health Information

Think vegetarians don't get enough protein? What about calcium, iron, or B12? Becoming a healthy vegetarian is easier than you might think, and many of the most common health concerns about vegetarianism and veganism are unfounded or at least exagerrated. Explore these links for more information.

For more comprehensive resources on veg health, check out:

Other Seattle-area veg sites

Other web sites with infomation for veg people, places, and things and and around Seattle

Veg Seattle FAQ

What is a vegan? What are the most veg-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle? Visit the link below for answers to your questions about vegetarianism in general, and specifically vegetarianism in Seattle.

Local Support Groups

Would becoming vegetarian or vegan be an easier task with the support of like-minded people? Would you like to get involved in the promotion of vegetarianism or veganism in your community? Check out our list of local support groups to get involved!