Why and How to Choose Veg

Whether it's personal health or appearance, global environmental protection, or compassion toward animals, people choose to go veg for a wide variety of reasons. If you've made it this far, chances are you're interested in knowing what it takes to make the transition to an animal-free diet. See below for resources to help you out, including our FREE information packet, or if you're ready, try Vowing to Go Veg.

Why Choose Veg?

Chances are, becoming vegetarian and/or vegan will help you look and feel better, and will contribute to your leaving less of a footprint on the planet. There are literally thousands of unique reasons for choosing to go veg...what's yours?

3 Steps to Becoming Veg

Transitioning to a diet free of animal products has never been easier. Check out our three-step guide to reducing the amount of meat and dairy products you consume on a daily basis.