What to Eat

Visit a Seattle-area restaurant, grocer, or co-op and it quickly becomes clear that vegetables aren't just side dishes anymore. From the growing vegetarian and vegan sections of restaurant menus to the increasingly crowded natural foods aisles in grocery stores, becoming vegetarian and vegan has never been easier in the Pacific Northwest.

Veg Product Guide

Vegetarian and vegan products, once limited to tofu and powdered soy milk, are now as varied and delectable as their meat- and dairy-based counterparts. Be sure to check out our Veg Product Guide for products available by category, by manufacturer, and by local co-operative or grocery chain.

Meat & Dairy Substitutes

Looking for information on what to use in place of meat or dairy when cooking for yourself or others?

Veg Recipes & Meal Plans

Looking for locally-influenced recipes and meal plans for budding and continuing vegetarians?