Veg Support Information

Whether you're looking for more veg friends and potluck dinners to join or ways to volunteer your time to help promote a more healthful and humane diet, the Seattle area has a diverse set of groups to get involved with.

Northwest Animal Rights Network

In 1986 Northwest Animal Rights Network was founded to galvanize the local pro-animal community, beginning with $600 and a single part-time staffer. NARN has since grown to become the largest grassroots animal activist group in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the most active such groups in the country. NARN is involved with all aspects of animal welfare and advocacy, including an emphasis on promoting vegetarianism and veganism. NARN provides an extensive website and publishes a weekly on-line newsletter with circulation to over 2,000 people.
10015 Lake City Way NE #127, Seattle WA 98125
Phone: 206-250-7301

Action for Animals

Action For Animals is an all volunteer, nonprofit organization based in Seattle, WA. AFA operates under the principle that animals do not exist for humans to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment. AFA strives to end animal suffering through educational outreach, demonstrations, and media involvement. Volunteering opportunities abound and donations are greatly appreciated.
P.O. Box 45843
Seattle, WA 98145
(206) 227-5752

EarthSave Vancouver

Social dineouts and potlucks, cooking demos, singles events, food festivals, newsletters, member discounts, and more!
2150 Maple Street
Vancouver, BC V6J 3T3 CANADA
Phone: 604-731-5885
FAX: 604-731-5805

Vegetarians of Washington

Veg of WA holds special family events, informative classes, and a monthly buffet where guests can can meet and enjoy great vegan food.
(206) 706-2635


Seattle is home to many Veg social groups organized via This site is a great tool for meeting more people interested in a vegetarian or vegan diet (or sharing any other common interest).

Seattle Vegan Meetup

"The Seattle Vegan Meetup is a great bunch of people who gather at least once a month, usually at a restaurant, to share good food and great company. This is a terrific way to meet like-minded folks, and we have a big animal-and-tension-free gathering at Thanksgiving-time."

Seattle Veg Happy Hour

"Veg Happy Hour is a casual group sharing interests in veganism, vegetarianism, and animal rights, just looking to hang out. It's a social scene for compassionate lifestyles! Anyone interested in learning more about a vegetarian or vegan diet, or activism on behalf of animals is welcome. If you're already into all of that, go make some like-minded friends!"

Seattle Veg Singles

"Meet other Seattle vegetarians, vegans, & veg-interested people...who also happen to be single! This is a casual, unstructured group, open to all ages, sexualities, and varieties of people. Everyone is welcome."

Vegan/Vegetarian Families Meetup

Social meetup and support group for vegan and vegetarian families.